Kristen David Presents:
How to Create Raving Fans

Thursday, August 13th

12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern
Webinar Starts In...

Kristen David

These days, no one teaches us how to run our business like a business—at least they didn’t in my law school. That's why I'm dedicated to helping business owners learn to build a profitable business and find their freedom!

At each stage of my life I have reached out and grabbed opportunities which have led to amazing experiences and even more opportunities. I’ve truly thrived in the moment.
In this webinar Kristen David will break down 6 ways to create raving fans and to create the systems so others on your team can do this for you. She will cover:
* How to create and maintain a Marketing List that your team can use
* Engaging, Inspiring and WOWing your Clients
* How to Create the Marketing Systems
Kristen has “been there, done that” and shares specific examples and nuggets to overcome the pitfalls many hit when they try to build systems.
Make 2020 different by learning exactly how you can improve your systems and make sure your team uses them as the profitable tools they are!
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