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Kristen David
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Understand Your Culture and 
How to Create the Type of Culture You Want in Your Business.

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What You Will Learn From This Webinar:
Secret #1: The Different Types of Culture in a Business
 To better understand and take inventory 
of the culture in your business, it is important to understand the types of culture that are often found in thriving 
and stagnant businesses.
Secret #2: Elements to Build the Type of Culture You Want 
There are many things you COULD DO, but what is key is finding the elements that make sense for your business in light of the culture you want to build. 
Secret #3: Actionable Steps to Get You Started 
Having an action plan is imperative to 
know where you are going to help you 
build a Thriving Culture. There are many paths to get where you want to go and finding the path that is right for you is 
key to your success!
Culture helps you build a business that can thrive with lower costs, 
higher productivity and higher profit margins! 

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